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Dennis Kelly is a photographic portrait artist with a studio in the greater Philadelphia area.
He photographs anywhere in the world, providing beautiful, timeless portraits at the locations that have the most meaning for you.
 Our philosophy regarding the importance of creating family heirlooms is simple:

•   We believe everyone is beautiful, and everyone’s beauty and inner spirit should be preserved, because every life is precious.
•   We believe our children and our families are our greatest treasures.
•    We believe that the art of photography has the unique ability to give us joy and happiness in celebrating LIFE.
•    We believe portraits of our loved ones should be family heirlooms to be cherished for generations.
•    We believe strongly in the value of professional photography to “Celebrate the Story of Life”.

If you appreciate the art of photography crafted though the eyes of a Master Craftsman with decades of experience, welcome.








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