Dennis Kelly is a photographic portrait artist with a studio in the greater Philadelphia area.
He photographs anywhere in the world, providing beautiful, timeless portraits at the locations that have the most meaning for you.
Armor-5976.jpgDietz-9514.jpgFoody-9178.jpgJanka-8847.jpgKroger-5007.jpglanzalotti-1787.jpgMoore-0249.jpgMuller-5494.jpgPollere-9441.jpgVoltis-0866.jpgVoltis-3644.jpgBevenour-6704.jpgBramante-9615paint.jpgFusco-1219.jpgKocher-2065.jpgCreager-9822.jpgArmor-5919.jpgBirch-8406.jpgCarey-9483.jpgColin-1689w.jpg097Drews-1182RG.jpgDietz-9501.jpgDiNatle-1407.jpgManno-7693.jpgMoore-0239.jpgPetrongolo-5123 copy.jpgRobbin-5163.jpgRyan-6391a.jpgSauer-3957.jpgToton-8952w.jpguntitled-1296.jpgWaters-6423.jpgWitasick-6783.jpgWright-7523.jpg
Our philosophy regarding the importance of creating family heirlooms is simple:

•   We believe everyone is beautiful, and everyone’s beauty and inner spirit should be preserved, because every life is precious.
•   We believe our children and our families are our greatest treasures.
•    We believe that the art of photography has the unique ability to give us joy and happiness in celebrating LIFE.
•    We believe portraits of our loved ones should be family heirlooms to be cherished for generations.
•    We believe strongly in the value of professional photography to “Celebrate the Story of Life”.

If you appreciate the art of photography crafted though the eyes of a Master Craftsman with decades of experience, welcome.