The Incredible Importance of Prints

The Importance of the Print…

A big issue facing our children’s future is the lack of the printed image as a family legacy and heirloom. Years from now, your grandchildren will be going through the history of their parent’s (your children’s) past. Will they find neat looking round silver disks containing all the image of their parent’s childhood, only to find they no longer have the technology to open and view them? Think about how hard it is even now to view or convert old movie film from your parent’s past. Or, will all the photos from your child’s past be lost on discarded or non-functioning cell phones and computer drives?

Fortunately for us, our parents made prints from our childhood. These prints last longer and are the easiest media to view. They are the best way to preserve our history and heritage. The will not become instantly un-viewable if a few disk sectors become corrupt. Even if they begin to fade or age, you will have years to have them them restored and reprinted. They will not become lost to history in the blink of an eye.

Recently a friend told me he and his wife had all of the pictures of their child growing up on their laptop. The unthinkable happened, The laptop was stolen, and along with it, went all their baby photos and many other priceless memories. All they had left were the few prints they had made. Another family member told me about having all his children’s photos stored “safely” on an external hard drive. Well, one day when he went to add some more photos he found the drive had failed, and all the photos were, well, just gone.

With photography playing a larger part in our lives today, some people may think that the immediacy of Facebook somehow will take the place of an album of family photos, or the family portrait on the wall. What they fail to realize is that it is highly unlikely Facebook will even be around 20 years from now. We will have moved onto something else, and all those images and memories stored in the cyber world of Facebook will be long gone. As we progress in our lives, our photos and other memories of our past play a more significant role than we realized in our youth. It’s important that you help your children to understand this, and encourage them to “make those memories” or they will be lost forever.

Don’t let a “photographer” convince you that you want a disc of your images from your family or child’s portrait session. Insist on high quality prints, from a reputable studio, with a guarantee! Otherwise, your family’s heritage may consist of some pretty silver disks hanging over your sofa.

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Preserve Your Family Legacy!

Family History is So Important.

I was going though some old files and came across some old negatives I had from years ago.
These images of my Father-in-Law as Santa Claus, were taken over 25 years ago. A large framed print of “Sleeping Santa” still adorns my home every Holiday Season. And the one of  “Grandpop Santa” reading to my two boys always warms my heart.

My Father-in Law is now deceased, and these images serve to remind me of the awesome power of photography.

I had these, and a bunch of other old negatives, scanned and digitized, so that I can be sure they can be passed down to future generations.

It has been said that this generation’s visual legacy is at risk of being completely lost on a bunch of broken and discarded cell phones and failed hard drives. That would be too sad. Take some time to preserve and protect your family’s legacy… before it’s too late.
-Dennis Kelly

When it comes to preserving and restoring those special family memories, Dennis Kelly can help. We can scan, digitize, and even retore old, faded, and damaged photos to better than new condition. And it costs far less than you might think. Call us at 856-228-4399 and let us help you preserve your family’s legacy!

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