Introducing “Room Views”

Our clients usually display their beautiful Dennis Kelly Portraits in their homes and proudly make them a feature point of their home’s decor. We are told over and over again how an exquisite portrait of family or loved ones, when handsomely framed and displayed in an adequate size, quickly becomes the most talked about item in the home.

But, until now, deciding on the proper sizing and arrangement of  the portraits in your room has been somewhat of a guessing game. This is why at Dennis Kelly Photography, we have always made a point of offering our expertise and help in selecting the proper size and framing for your portraits.

Like any piece of art or furniture for your home, you don’t want to make the wrong choice and end up with a piece that doesn’t look quite right in your living space. Fine photography can be an investment, and certainly will be something that will hang in your home for many years. You don’t want to make the mistake of investing in something that is either too small or too big for the space. Naturally, you want it to be… perfect! So do we!

We now have the perfect answer!

Introducing “Room Views” an amazing new service at Dennis Kelly Photography that allows you to preview your portraits… at actual size… right in your own room! No more guessing about how your framed pieces will “fit” into your decor. You will have the chance to see it… in your own room!

And the best part is, we offer this service to our clients at absolutely no charge.

The process is easy and painless. After your portrait session with Dennis, but before your scheduled time to preview them, simply take a photo with your cell phone or digital camera of the room where you are thinking of hanging your portraits and email it to us! That’s IT! That’s all you need to do. We’ll take it from there…

The only thing we need is for you to include a ruler (we’ll even give you one to take home), yardstick, or really anything of a known length, somewhere in the picture (for instance, you could simply tell us that the mantle is 72″ long). This allows us to calibrate the viewing software so it will properly display the various sizes in perfect scale… exactly how it will look in YOUR room! How cool is that?

Then, when you come in to view your previews, we can show your portraits, at actual size, right where they will hang in your own home. You can even get an idea of how it will look with different framing options.

Here, you can see this portrait is a little “lost” in it’s place of honor over the mantle. This would have been a poor choice that the client no doubt would have regretted.

Here you can see a more suitable size that fits the space and allows the client to enjoy the portrait to the fullest extent.

But that’s not all we can do with this incredible new service!

Suppose you are considering a collection of images to display together in a grouping? With Room View, you can experiment with various arrangements, sizes and framing options…. all while seeing them right on your own wall.

Pick the arrangement that looks best, swap the pictures around, experiment with different frame styles, change the sizes…

We are very excited to be able to offer this amazing ability to our clients. Just one more way Dennis Kelly Photography is working to provide outstanding customer service and 100% satisfaction to our valued friends and clients.

By the way… when was the last time YOU had your family portrait taken? Portraits make GREAT Holiday Gifts! Call us today at 856-228-4399 to find out how to make YOUR home even more beautiful by decorating it with a Dennis Kelly Portrait of your family!




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