Sometimes it Pays to use a Professional

Of course we may be biased because we are a professional photography studio, but sometimes using a professional saves time, money – and always yields better quality. With last year almost a thing of the past, I can’t imagine having to get all of our accounting in order alone, so I turn to a professional. Same thing for medical advice, automobile issues, or basically anything that I don’t have the time or skills to do myself.

We recently received this message from a past client of ours and thought we’d share. Over the years we’ve heard many horror stories like this – feel free to comment here if you’ve experienced something like this!

My fiance, two girls, and I went to Sears to have our family Christmas portrait done. Big mistake. We had a 12:00 appointment but weren’t even checked in until 12:45. The photographer was terrible with getting my 5 month old to smile and when she finally did the camera wasn’t even in focus. By the time she got herself together the baby was no longer smiling. After an hour of trying to get a good photograph we ended up simply settling on the best of the pictures, which was in no way up to the standards I had hoped for. They did try and make up for the extremely long wait by giving us a free portrait sheet. However, it wasn’t one of the sheets we actually ordered. They gave us a free 8×10 of a photo we didn’t like. We will NEVER go to anyone other than Dennis again!



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